Video Nasty

by Alpha Chrome Yayo



VHS has been a huge part of my life since I can remember.

My first memory is of watching Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure on video cassette, and it had a huge effect on me. As I grew up, the local video rental became my sanctuary. I would look forward to going all week, and with much cajoling my parents would bring me on a Friday and very patiently wait while I pored over the aisles of tapes. I can smell it now, even though the place closed down fifteen years ago.

Horror tapes became my true passion, the gorier the better. Lurid-looking imports from Italy and beyond, gruesome slashers from ‘80s Hollywood, all great. Fulci, Bava, Raimi, Ferrara, I loved ‘em all. I still do. The sound of these things too, like nothing I’d ever heard before. Squelching basses and shrieking synths, tailor-made to warp your mind.

And it’s not just the movies either, it’s video itself. Cassettes have a tangibility, a tactility that downloads and discs don’t. They have moving parts, they have mechanics - they have guts.

VIDEO NASTY is my ode to these tapes.


released October 14, 2018


all rights reserved



Alpha Chrome Yayo Belfast, UK

Far out, exotic music comin' out of Belfast, Northern Ireland

Featured on BBC Radio 1, New Retrowave and the stereos of many excellent people

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