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Dimi Kaye
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Dimi Kaye Totally enjoyble collaboration, each producer brings their own elements to the table (post punk, synthwave, prog rock etc.) and create such an interesting work.
I love it when people have the freedom to experiment with genres, it often brings great results, like this EP. Favorite track: Eleusinian Mysteries.
MCAL - Full Eclipse
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MCAL - Full Eclipse With a local legend of witchcraft from their neighbourhood at its thematic heart, Grangeweird sees ACY and Danny Madigan form their own coven and conjure up five imaginative, original tales of the supernatural for our listening pleasure. From Goblin-inspired and giallo-esque, dank and gritty 70's progressive rock, stark and rhythmic post-punk, and forward-thinking synthwave, these songs are as creative and unique as they are catchy and fun.
Mike Langlie
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Mike Langlie I don't get scared by modern frights. What gets to me are enigmatic occultish entities of 1960s & 70s horror films and stories, which are conjured here in witchy grooves that recall the scores of Goblin and Krzysztof Komeda. Satisfyingly spooky in the most fun and funky way!
flamingo jones
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flamingo jones This is without doubt one of the most enjoyable releases of the year. An entertaining and imaginative mix of Synthwave and Post Punk. Great guitar and bass work, epic vocals and hard rocking instrumentals. I really want to meet this inspiring witch! Favorite track: Eleusinian Mysteries.
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hipsterpap OK, no mincing words here. This is top contender for album of the year, this is story and music coming together to make a story you can feel! It's 80's as it comes, both in production and HEART. I loved The Binding which sounds like the theme to a long lost horror movie,Danny Madigan KILLS IT!! My favorite track is Leylines, Alpha Chrome Yayo gives it a funky analog bassline and a theremin-esque lead, LOVE THIS ALBUM, get it now!! 5/5 ***** Favorite track: Leylines.
Watermelon Banzai
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Watermelon Banzai "Grangeweird" is like ducking into a pub to get out of the rain, warming yourself up next to a fire with drink in hand, only to end up being enthralled by two bards within telling tall tales of local legends and suburban superstitions.

While Alpha Chrome Yayo and Danny Madigan are both amazing artists on their own, there's just something truly magical about their musical chemistry which happens whenever they brew up a tune together.

And what an eldritch concoction of hygge this one is indeed! Favorite track: Eleusinian Mysteries.


"An EP that doesn’t sound like anything else out there. And one which is a strong contender for the most memorable of the year"
- New Retro Wave

"Like ducking into a pub to get out of the rain, warming yourself up next to a fire with drink in hand, only to end up being enthralled by two bards within"
- Watermelon Banzai

Danny Madigan and Alpha Chrome Yayo present for your consideration this collaborative record. Not just a record in the auditory sense, but in the archival one too.

You see, this is the true life story of a suburban sorceress, one who lived at the foot of ancient hills, rife with Druidist power.

The house stands empty now, and whatever otherworldly magick took place there is lost to time, save for a residual crackle of energy in the air.

But we’ll not forget the Witch who lived on our street. We can't. Some stories aren’t meant to die out. Aren't *allowed* to die out.

This record is a glimpse into our lives, and we'd like to welcome you into our home.

We'd like to welcome you... to GRANGEWEIRD.

The download also includes a bunch of Bandcamp exclusive extras. So all in all you get:

- The five-track EP
- Two bonus remixes
- A specially recorded (and totally harrowing) audio origin story
- Full photo-set featuring corpse-paint, swords, a treehouse and more
- Two sets of liner notes, one from each of us

And our eternal gratitude.


released September 6, 2019

Everything by Danny Madigan and Alpha Chrome Yayo, with the exception of field recordings on track two, appearing courtesy of Zap Splat.

Check out the rest of Danny Madigan's catalogue here:


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Alpha Chrome Yayo Belfast, UK

Alpha Chrome Yayo is a Belfast-based producer and musician, specialising in axe-laden cinematic synthwave and celestial soundscapes.

Featured on BBC Radio 1 and met with much critical acclaim, ACY's music looks forward as much as it looks back, bringing '80s experimentalism screaming into the 21st century.
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Track Name: Alpha Chrome Yayo - Mindlocked Messenger
In the cauldron, boil and bake,
A potion to make your sweet mind break.
Black crow beak and tail of swine,
Drink up dear,

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